Aude-Table lamp by Bruno Van Meenen | Brass

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Made using sophisticated techniques such as 3D printing, high-quality LED materials, the Aude-Table is the newest creation of Trizo21. All these characteristics make it beautifully functional and are skillfully brought to life with the Trizo21’s signature mix of craftsmanship and playfulness. It's elegant simplicity and functionality attest to Trizo21’s dedication to craftsmanship and technical expertise. The signature shape of the Aude-Table remains loyal to the Trizo21 refined style and practicality. 

110V-230V – plug driver with PUSH-DIM button on cable | 1x LED array 4.32W – 500mA included

Overall H299mm x Base L120mm

TERMS | Brass
Brass finish will change over time, influenced by conditions of humidity, the weather, or careless operation or handling of the product.
It is recommended to only use a soft dry cloth for daily cleaning.
For occasional and intensive cleaning, use clean water and dry well.
Please, do not use any aggressive cleaning detergents or solvents containing strong chemicals, as this will permanently damage the brass surface.

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