Room fragrance by Studio Pneuma | 10ml

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Room fragrance to be used with Tiny Object 01, Heavy Object 01 and Heavy Object 02

Floating Leaf
A refreshing fragrance oil blend of Geranium, Basil, Lavender. Floating Leaf revolves around a smell memory of pulling stems out of a river and softly squashing them together.
Drying Oak
A cool woody oil blend of Pine, Cypress, Birch, & Oak. Drying Oak takes its form from a smell memory of entering an outhouse with damp stacks of drying oak just when the evaporation of the morning dew takes off.
An intimate, waxy oil blend of Jasmine, Palo Santo, Cumin and Benzoin. Worn refers to a smell memory of being close to someone you care for, the smell they leave in a cotton garment, they have worn.

"Pneuma's room fragrances are created through our longing for feeling a connectedness to something real, authentic and natural. Our memories of tangible materials, spaces, people, and moments have been our conceptual foundation when translating and developing our longings into fragrant gestures."

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