Tiny Object 01 by Studio Pneuma | Limestone polished by hand

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Tiny Object–01, a smaller fragrance diffuser, is offered as a set in combination with a spatial fragrance of your choice. Choose between our three different room fragrance profiles; Floating Leaf, Drying Oak and Worn.

Tiny Object–01 is suitable for the intimate areas in your home.
Its smaller size makes it easy to move the fragrance experience around, placing it near to where you are throughout the day.

If you place the diffusing object in a heated area and apply drops of your chosen Pneuma spatial fragrance, the warmth will add movement to the evaporation of the fragrance.

Pneuma's solid stone diffusers provide a pure and adjustable fragrance experience, letting other smell impressions coexist within the same space.

Dia110mm x H46.3mm

Room fragrance to go with the limestone object; here.

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